Kamigamo Shrine

Kamo Wake Ikazuchi Shrine(Kamigamo Shrine)

Kamowakeikazuchi-jinja Shrine (賀茂別雷神社) is a shrine commonly known as "Kamigamo Shrine (上賀茂神社)" or "Kamisha (上社)" and its enshrined deity is Kamowakeikazuchi no Okami (賀茂別雷大神). The vast grounds, including two national treasures and 41 important cultural assets, are all designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It was founded in 678 and is the oldest shrine in Kyoto. It once ruled this area. As a shrine enshrining the ujigami of the ancient Kamo clan Along with Kamomioya Shrine (Shimogamo Shrine), it is also called Kamo Shrine (賀茂神社), and after the transfer of national capital to Heian-kyo, it served as a guardian shrine for the imperial palace. In the festivals of both Kamo-jinja Shrines The Kamo Festival (Commonly known as Aoi-matsuri Festival) is famous. The precinct is large with 230,000 tsubo and is rich in nature with the Nara brook that flows through the precinct. The fourth Sunday of every month (9: 00 ~ 16: 00) and "Kamigamo Handmade" are also held on the grounds.

The grounds are vast and famous for its cherry trees.
The standing sand is said to be an image of a divine mountain.
This is the main shrine of Kamigamo Shrine.

Bicycle Parking lot

The parking was charged, but the bicycle parking was free. (As of June 2020)


339 Kamigamo Motoyama, Kita Ward, Kyoto



Business Hours

Opening of Nino Torii Gate: 5: 30 Closing: 17: 00
Romon Gate and the Hall Opening: 8: 00 Closing: 16: 45
Prayer 8: 30 ~ 16: 30 Special Worship hours (No reservation required) 10:00 to 16:00


[By Bus]About 5 minutes on foot from “Kamigamo Jinja-mae” bus stop. Bus No.4

Parking lots

There is a toll parkin lot.
Bicycle parking lot is free.

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