Kyoto tourist attractions・ Tourist information

We will introduce recommended sightseeing spots in Kyoto by area.
Kyoto City is mainly composed of five areas: Rakuchu, Rakuto, Rakusai, Rakunan, and Rakuhoku.

In the Tang Dynasty of China, since Chang’an and Luoyang, a sub-city, were once the capital of China in the Tang era of China.
In Japan, the Heiankyo of Kyoto imitates the capital of China and is divided into Sakyo and Ukyo.
Sakyo was named Lakuyo-Jo(Luoyang Castle) , and Ukyo was named Choan-Jo(Chang’an Castle) .

Later, Sakyo became prosperous and Ukyo declined, so it came to be called “Rakuyou”.
It seems that the word “洛:Raku” came to be used to indicate each direction from the center of Heiankyo.
The range does not have a clear border, so it seems to indicate the approximate range.
In this site, we will guide you in the area that is commonly used.

Information may have changed, so please check in advance on your own.