Kibune Shrine

Kibune Shrine

It is said that the year of the foundation of Kibune Shrine (貴船神社) is unknown, but according to shrine legend, she was the mother of Emperor Jinmu. Tamayorihime (玉依姫) goes up the Yodo River, the Kamo River and the Kibune River looking for the source of water. It is said that it started when a small shrine was built here. Located at the foot of the Kibune-gawa River and at the source of the Kamo-gawa River, Kibune-jinja Shrine has been worshiped since ancient times as the god of water that protects the water source of Kyoto. The shrine was originally located in the current Okumiya, but it was washed away by a flood of the Kibune-gawa River and moved to its current location in 1055. Kibune-jinja Shrine is also said to be the birthplace of ema.

I think many people have seen this scenery at least once in magazines.
Kibune Shrine is said to be the birthplace of ema.


180 Kuramakibunecho, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto



Business Hours

Hongu Opening Hours:(From 1st,May to 30th,Nov.)6:00-20:00 (From 1st,Dec to 30th,Apr.)6:00-18:00


It is takes to Eizan Electric Railway “Demachiyanagi Station” get off “Kibune Guchi Station” and then about 30 minutes on foot from station.(or transfer to bus Kyoto Bus No.33 and then get off “Kibune” bus stop, and then about 5minutes on foot bus stop.

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The number of paid parking lots is limited, so please check by yourself.

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