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I hope you are doing fine.

Kyoto is currently experiencing the peak of its autumn foliage season, and with the pandemic subsiding, there has been a surge of overseas tourists. The city’s major tourist destinations and streets are teeming with people!

Well, the other day I went for a walk to Nanzenji Temple.

This year, I have been avoiding crowds and haven’t been going out much, but when I see the beautiful autumn foliage, I feel glad that I went out! The photo below is of the Suirokaku, and the foliage visible through the arched gap was truly lovely.

By the way, the photo above is a popular photo spot, but I had always taken photos only from the same direction, but this time, I dared to casually take a picture from the opposite side… and the autumn leaves showed up unexpectedly beautifully, making it one of my favorite pictures!
I found it to be an interesting discovery to try a different perspective than usual!

The colorful autumn leaves are truly beautiful!

The contrast between moss and autumn leaves is also a personal favorite.

On nice days, autumn walking for exercise is a good way to get healthy!
It looks like we will be able to enjoy the autumn leaves until early December, so I am thinking about where to go next.
I hope you all have a wonderful autumn!

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